Mothers Raising Sons Book “The MANual”

The MANual book is intended to be used as a reference guide to mothers raising sons‘ household and not as a medical or psychology manual at no means.  None of the articles are from professional consultants, psychologists, or legal attorneys. These are the testimonies and words of wisdom from others that have dealt with the issues at hand.  The information given in this book is designed to give suggestions and ideas on how to address and deal with issues and concerns in raising male children.  It is a book of life skills based upon real life situations from all over the United States. This book is broken down by subjects to assist any:

  • Females: (mother,  grandmother,  great-grandma,  aunt,  cousin,  foster care, military wives) raising a boy to be a successful man.
  • Males being raised by a female.

Mothers Raising Sons ™ ―The MANual‖ book was written from life testimonies across the country about the survival techniques used in raising boys.  Advice tools for single mothers that teach young men how to navigate successfully through the maze  of  life.  The  character,  ethics,  wisdom,  integrity,  and  principles  that  is essential to the survival of our boys to men and mothers raising sons‘ sanity.

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