Raising Sons – The MANual

Mothers Raising Sons – The MANual: Real Life Testimonies & Advice from Mothers & Men (Mothers & Sons Experiences) (Volume 1) January 11, 2017Large Print

by Lisa Norwood and Dionte Walker


Mothers Raising Sons™ The MANual book was written from life testimonies across the country about the survival techniques used in raising boys. Advice tools for single mothers that teach young men how to navigate successfully through the maze of life. The character, ethics, wisdom, integrity, and principles that is essential to the survival of our boys to men and mothers raising sons ‘sanity. The Interviewer, after raising three boys to be successful men in their rights, her success and failures came from working in management at the second largest juvenile court in GA and programs with Mothers Raising Sons. Her conviction in what makes young men have a better chance of becoming successful is having a spiritual relationships with God, good character, solid foundation, integrity and proper conduct, which all are taught at home first.

Help a single mother with her son by purchasing The MANual or help the son with how to handle mom.

The MANual Book
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