MRS meets the challenges of a boy being raised by a female to adulthood through a coordinated, progressive series of programs:

Mentoring: providing a group of compatible positive men as role model for the boys and even mentoring to each other thru positive peer influence .

Separate Support Groups (Prevention & Real Action Works R.A.W.): provide mother and son opportunities to voice their concerns and identify issues affecting the family.

Seminars and Workshops: teach life skills techniques.

Referrals: provide mothers with information on community resources.

Support Services: tutorial assistance, childcare (reading) and nutritious meals for participants.

Court Orders Parenting Classes: Personal counseling gear toward a specific area of parenting

Activities: same sex ventures and family outings designed to promote family unity, implement social skills and cultivate a sense of belonging.

Employment/ Education: life skills & employment skills

PROGRAM Typical Agenda


View of last session’s highlights 10 Minutes
Tutor 30 Minutes
Presentation of Session Material/Family Counseling 50 Minutes
Q & A Session on Material/Interactive Family Therapy 30 Minutes
Meal for Entire Family 30 Minutes


Research studies have shown that when people are provided safe and healthy activities in which to participate, they are less likely to become involved in high risk, unhealthy behaviors that can delay or impede positive development.

The social change MRS is trying to achieve is by empowering parent to take control of their lives by successfully addressing and eliminating the negative influences they’re confronted with.

Again, the challenges we are confronted with as a society (violence, crime, drugs, etc.) it is proven to be cost effective to support prevention programs by spending a little time, money or resources now rather than millions of dollars after a juvenile has committed a crime or use drugs.